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“The compelling clarity with which 

a photograph recorded the trivial

suggested that the subject had never

before been properly seen, that it

was in fact perhaps not trivial, but

filled with undiscovered meaning.”

(John Szarkowski, The Photographer’s Eye, 

The Museum of Modern Art, 1964)

I’m drawn to photography for its ability to clarify the complex and indescribable by words. Yet, that’s not the only thing that makes an auteur documentary project interesting.


What gives it personality is the combination of many factors, and one of them is the ability to generate links between different layers by surfacing questions; a scene, a detail, a perspective…. something that activates tension and curiosity.


I'm interested in the visual description of the tension between seeable and the knowable. What does it mean when the surface of the world obscures meaning?


My work revolves around investigation of social documentary issues, investigating expectations, societal norms and meanings; I question the traditional, normative life and reflect on the contrast between what we aspire to and what we actually want or need. I am contending with these aspects both in my personal life and conceptually as an artist.

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