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“The compelling clarity with which 

a photograph recorded the trivial

suggested that the subject had never

before been properly seen, that it

was in fact perhaps not trivial, but

filled with undiscovered meaning.”

(John Szarkowski, The Photographer’s Eye, 

The Museum of Modern Art, 1964)

I use photography to communicate what I see, not what I imagine.

My photography projects usually start with a stimulating notion or some curiosity that arises within me

I'm interested in the visual description of the tension between seeable and the knowable. What does it mean when the surface of the world obscures meaning?

I believe in devoting time for extensive research; learning about the subject crystallizes the heart of the matter and enables me to produce a body of work that surfaces questions regarding the issues I aim to address. Once I engaged in the quest I let the momentum carry my decision making. I do find that world complexities are far more interesting than my preconceived concept.

I apply the 20th century aesthetics of “straight photography” to capture unmanipulated images of the real world in the 21st century. Although my subject matter is ordinary, I find nuance where others seldom think to look.

My media of choice is film. I use the computer like a traditional dark room to make adjustments of exposure, contrast and color balance in order to achieve a closer approximation of what the human eye can see whilst rejecting the image manipulation for which Photoshop has become notorious.

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