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Unobtainable rest, a photographic essay​

In this essay the images hover between reality and concepts to examine the way in which we view the world, our dreams and imagination fuelled by drives and desires. At the same time it intends to give the viewer space to delve into their own imagination and thus continue the story.

The images may not appear directly related and yet they share an atmosphere of the urban middle class with its anxieties, nostalgia, faux nostalgia, and the encumbering complexities of the ever aggressive 21st century rat race in which they are inevitably trapped.

I could have chosen cities other than the one presented here, but in the end I reflected the one place I know well, my own habitat, portraying the presence of the invisible, the unfreedom. 

The domestic habitat is the ultimate known and therefore a context of uncertainty carries much more weight symbolising a rupture between the subject and the context. 

An uncaptured division exists between the feelings that constitute the images, the divide between the subject and the familiar context from which it emerged. 

Do we know our drives and desires? After all we live by and in them like two colliding cultures neither willing to submit. 

The questions asked by the images in this essay are no longer about people, who seem to have vanished, but about its very raison d'être. 

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